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Your online image is the first impression future clients will have of you. Make it a good one!

Make That Immensely Important First Impression Count


Personal branding images are one of the most powerful must-have tools to communicate the WHO-WHAT-WHY of your business with your clients.

As a business owner, your online portraits represent your brand and shape your client's perception of your business. To attract the right clients, it is essential for the business owners to meticulously design their images, and this is where personal branding comes to play.

To create and maintain awareness of your authentic brand, your personal branding images should be carefully crafted to reflect your individual values, personality and vision, as "You are your brand".


Inspire, communicate, be remembered, and most importantly, show your clients "how it feels" to work with you. This is the ultimate goal of your personal branding imagery.

When looking for a personal branding photographer, it is important to choose a photographer who is expert in implementing lighting techniques, posing, composition, forms and colors to get the specific message of your brand across to your clients. This is the approach taken with Arttemis Atelier's personal branding photoshoots, which are tailored based on your unique vision to create images that meet your specific branding goals. The final selection of images will include some headshots but will ultimately has a deeper focus on "how it feels to work with you".

Perth Personal Branding Photography Studio Arttemis Atelier

Pre-session Consultation

Prior to the session we will have a consultation session over the phone or skype to discuss your brand features, message and color pallet, how you would like to come across by your potential clients and what's your vision for the final images.

Advice on styling and wardrobe

We collaborate via Pinterest to design the shoot concept based on your vision. This translates into design of the photography session in terms of choice of wardrobe, hair and makeup, posing, lighting and location. The photoshoot is designed to ensure you get a great selection of images for all your digital and printed communication platforms.

The Photoshoot

A 2-hour fully guided photo shoot in an environment that reflects your brand and personality. We can include props and products in the images if you desire.

Session Fee

Session fee is $300 covering the pre-session consultation, advice on wardrobe, professional hair and makeup for one, a 2 hour fully guided photo shoot session and a photo reveal & product ordering session where you are invited to choose your favourite images.


As with all our photography sessions, there is no minimum purchase requirement for personal branding photography sessions. You only choose and pay for the images that you love, during the reveal session.

Single digital branding images are available for $250 are delivered as high resolution digital files in both color and black and white, cropped and sized based on your requirements. Collections of personal branding images start at $1200 (Rate reduces with volume purchased).

Perth Personal Branding Photography Studio Arttemis Atelier
Perth Personal Branding Photography Studio Arttemis Atelier


Your Brand Is The Number One priority

Personal branding photography is an important investment in your business. Having worked with a variety of professionals from artists to a range of small business owners to academics, I find great joy in getting to know my clients, learning what they do and tailoring the photography experience to their specific requirements, rather than following a mass production procedure. If this is something that resonates with you, get in touch to have a chat about your vision for your personal branding images.

Perth Personal Branding Photography Studio Arttemis Atelier
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