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Who do you want to be photographed with?

When it comes to portrait photography, many people often assume that the photographer’s frame can only do justice to one face at a time and the spotlight can’t be shared. That, however, is far from the truth. At Arttemis Atelier, we encourage our clients to bring with them their loved ones, family, friends, pets, and more! It is the people and love around you that make you who you are and we are honoured to help you express that through a collection of photographs where you look your best and most authentic self.

When thinking about who you would like to be photographed with, we encourage you to think about someone you:

  • Know well and love deeply.

  • Makes you feel important and loved.

  • Is your confidence booster.

  • Can laugh and express your emotions freely with.

July is the National Family Portrait Month in Australia and that just gives us more excuses to include everyone in our camera’s shot. Whether you prefer to be with your chosen family or your blood relatives, as long as the love is real, we’re here to portray and document it for you.

Way back, family portraits were paintings afforded by the affluent only, but with time, photography has made memory making more accessible. Family portraits are kept in diaries, on work desks, and our wallets to ensure that we cherish the ones we love and keep them close. Photographs have been, and will remain, essential in the creation of lifelong family bonds and memories. Read more about families and their photographic documentation here.

It’s time for you to tell us who and what you would like to be captured in a frame with so that we can make this the most memorable photography session for you! Contact us today about our Perth family photography sessions and let’s have a chat about creating the best family portraits that you would love and cherish forever.

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